Monday, 31 October 2011

Rocstars.....Roc On City

Mystic By Mare139 Roc
                                          Roc.......Crash n Kel1st......Cia Roc

Saturday, 29 October 2011

Writers write

I dont consider myself an artist,i consider myself a writer,i write my name in style on various surfaces in various cities,for me the formula is easy i just write my name in style......
these days you got knucklehead kids riding the crest of our culture painting weak styles with high octane techniques and 500 colours,colours and techniques are used to camouflage weak styles,there is a whole new breed of kids out there that focus more on the techniques and little on the style,we live in plastic times of cheap fame and kids getting props when they aint paid their dues.....
Characters,colours,techniques,were originaly used to enhance the letter styles not take your eyes away from the style of the letters,it pains me today see the direction this culture is going in,you know when i look at a piece i take all the colours and techniques away and 90% of what i'm seeing is bullshit,weak letter structure and no real original style,then you got these off key anti styles? i mean what the f**k is all that about.... the truth of the game is if you aint got the style and if you aint got the letters then you aint got shit..... STYLE NEEDS NO COLOUR............ write your name in style.....not colour

Thursday, 27 October 2011

The new fresh joints......

                                          with Skam One - Mad Ethnics

Keen-Ven Aok-Dr Some Sos Berlin summer 2011

                                          London-New York-Berlin getting down

London-Nyc Style exchange...Bio-Keen

                                          Original sketch i sent Bio for part 1

                                           Bio's first lines....

                                          Bio,Patty,Neal Nyc

                                          Bio's Keen piece finished part1

                                          Keens paints a BIO sketch part 1 London

                                          Exchange part2 ..Keen paints a Bio sketch

                                          Style exchange part 2 painted in Berlin 2011

                                           Bio paints a Keen sketch Nyc 2011 part 2

Two joints from 2009...... Roc On City

                                          Transformer style East London 2009
                                          Apache heli style East London 2009

Various London and Berlin shots.............

                                          Londons Oldskool get together Summer 2010
                                          London Subway

                                          Berlins Mauerpark hall of fame
                                          Handstyles in Berlin....Wesp-Phos-Keen
                                          Spok/Some Spirits Of Style Berlin 2010
                                          East London action ....RocStars
                                          Some Sos detail...... Eye eye                                          

                                          Choci in front of my Burner West London 2010
                                          Berlins U stations ............. 

Tuesday, 25 October 2011

Berlin feat..Some,Poet,Chy,Jack,Keen and the Sambuca 2011

                                           Yard5/Hamburger heaven Berlin......cook up

                                          Some Sos in action Berlin 2011
                                          Yours truly in action Berlin 2011
                                          Sambuca time Berlin 2011 @ The NEST
                                          Poet73 Gfa @ play Berlin 2011
                                          Jack Mr Ice Berlin 2011
                                          Style freestyle Berlin 2011
                                          Some sketch
                                          Mr n Mrs style at work....dynamic duo